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It is every child’s dream to put the name of our country on the world map. The person who made this dream come true is  Parupalli Kashyap  .

Kashyap is one of the best badminton players in India. 

Furthermore, he is a recipient of the Arjuna Award and is the only Indian male athlete to reach the men’s Olympic quarterfinals in badminton.

Parupalli Kashyap married his long time partner and wife Saina Nehwal. Nehwal is another superstar player who hails from India.

Like her husband, Nehwal is a professional badminton player who has been ranked as the number one player. 

Before getting to know more about Parupalli Kashyap, let’s first have a look at some quick facts about him. 

Quick Facts:

full boatParupalli Kashyap
birthday8 September 1986
Place of Birth / Place of OriginHyderabad, India
NicknameParupalli Kashyap
ReligionHindu Religion 
EthnicityOf Indian descent
Horoscopeto the girl
Father’s NameUday Shankar
mother’s nameSubhadra Shankar
siblingsa sister
age35 years old
height5’7″/1.71 m
weight154 lbs
hair colorblack
eye colorblack
tied upAthletic
BusinessProfessional badminton player
The current teamIndia
StyleRight handed player
active years2006 – Present
Marital statusmarried
net worth$2.5 – $5 million
social mediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook
Merchandise by Saina Nehwal India’s Badminton Queen, India Vogue Magazine (February Issue
Last updateJuly, 2022

Where did Parupalli Kashyap come from? Early life, family and education 

Parupalli Kashyap was born  on September 8, 1986  in  Hyderabad, India  . He was born  to Uday Shankar  (father) and  Subhadra Shankar  (mother).

Moreover, Kashyap’s father Uday was a substitute. So he had to go to different places for his job. So Kashyap and his family migrated to different places. 

Similarly, Kashyap has a close relationship with his parents. Both his parents support their son wholeheartedly. 

However, the Kashyap family had to bear a tragic event in their life. In 2011, Parupalli Kashyap’s sister tragically committed suicide. 

Kashyap’s sister was studying in Bangalore and lived alone. Kashyap also did not meet his sister as he was busy with his own training and work. 

Kashyap was playing in a tournament in Singapore when his sister died. Needless to say, he immediately took a flight back home.

Similarly, Kashyap expressed that he could not believe what was happening and that these things only happen in movies. 

The suicide of their daughter came as a shock to the Kashyap family. However, they had to recover from the emotional pain and are much better now. 

Personally, Kashyap dealt with the loss of his sisters. He was sad and distressed and personally struggled through the great loss of his family. 

Childhood of Parupalli Kashyap 

So, how did Kashyap’s journey to badminton begin? Kashyap’s first interaction with badminton was for recreational purposes.

However, later Tarun Parupali joined a summer camp that allowed her to learn badminton. 

Moreover, after the camp, Kashyap took up badminton very seriously. A boy’s hobby had turned into a passion.

Similarly, Kashyap started dreaming of playing for the Indian national team. 

To improve his badminton skills, Kashyap joined the Prakash Padukone Academy. Moreover, he trained at the academy for three years. 

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Diagnosis of asthma

Fate killed his dreams with a major health problem that would sideline him for a long time. After some medical tests, Parupalli Kashyap was diagnosed with asthma. 

Similarly, the diagnosis of asthma came at a time when Kashyap was becoming an elite athlete.

Despite the diagnosis, Kashyap was determined to fight through it to make his dreams come true. He used to get sick many times as a child.

But he didn’t expect to get asthma. Similarly, Kashyap revealed that many thought his career would be over after the diagnosis. 

However, Kashyap fought well and bravely as a true Indian. 

“It was a big shock for me. Many thought my career was over. But I was determined to fight back and worked hard to overcome this disorder.”

Due to asthma, Kashyap had to work hard to build stamina. Moreover, Kashyap had to obtain a Therapeutic Use Exemption Certificate every year to play competitive matches. 

How tall is Parupalli Kashyap? Age, height and physical appearance

Parupalli Kashyap is currently 35 years old. Moreover, he will turn 36 on September 8, 2022. 

As Kashyap was born on 8th September, his zodiac sign is Virgo. Virgo people are known to be straightforward and honest.

So if you ever meet Parupalli Kashyap, you can get the impression that he is an honest man.

Kashyap stands at an imposing height of 5 feet and 11 inches,  weighing 154 pounds. He has an athletic figure with black hair and eyes. 

Parupalli Kashyap | professional career

As a junior player, Kashyap trained under the guidance of Pullela Gopichand at the Gopichand Academy.

Moreover, Pullela Gopichand is the reigning All-England Open champion. Similarly, Kashyap started his career by winning the National Junior Championship in 2005.

Similarly, Kashyap started playing internationally in 2006. After that, Kashyap started winning national and international competitions. 

Big competition

Kashyap had an outstanding performance in the 2010 Commonwealth Games held in India. He also reached the semi-finals of the men’s singles tournament.

However, he lost in the semi-final against English player Rajeev Osef. 

Moreover, he defeated fellow Indian shuttler Chetan Anand to win the bronze medal.

Kashyap’s biggest win was at the 2013 Indonesian Open. He defeated world champion Chen Long and reached the semi-finals. 

Moreover, Kashyap set a world record in the 2012 Summer Olympics  . His masterclass performance helped him win all his group matches. 

Similarly, in the round of 16, Kashyap defeated Sri Lanka’s Niluka Karunaratne to reach the quarterfinals.

After his victory, Kashyap became the first and only Indian male badminton player to reach the quarterfinals of men’s singles. 

He felt happy and proud after setting a historic record. However, he later exited in the quarterfinals after losing to Malaysian shuttler Lee Chong Wei. 

Awards and Achievements 

Kashyap’s highest world ranking is 6th. He achieved the ranking on 25 April 2013. As of 16 February 2021, Kashyap is ranked 26th in the world. 

Kashyap has won many tournaments and competitions. He won the Indian Open Grand Prix Gold in 2012. 

Apart from this, Kashyap has an impressive record in the Commonwealth Games. Kashyap won a silver medal in the mixed team event at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

He also bagged a bronze medal in the same event. Moreover, the 2014 Commonwealth Games proved to be very successful for Parupalli Kashyap.

Kashyap ended India’s 32-year gold medal drought in badminton. He won the men’s singles at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. 

Kashyap defeated Rajiv Ossef and Derek Wong to win the gold medal.

Similarly, after winning the gold medal, he marked his name along with Indian gold medalists Prakash Padukone and Syed Modi.

Both Padukone and Modi are former gold medalists for India. Kashyap has two BWF Grand Prix titles to his name.

Likewise, he won a BWF International Challenger/Series. Similarly, the Indian shuttler has finished runner-up in the BWF World Tour. 

Kashyap has also been recognized with many awards in India. Kashyap was awarded $35,000 by the Badminton Association of India for his victory at the Commonwealth Games.

Also, the Telangana government awarded him a cash prize of $70,000 for winning a gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. 

Apart from this, Parupalli Kashyap is an Arjuna Awardee. The Arjuna Award is given to Indian athletes for outstanding achievements in sports and games. 

Who is the wife of Parupalli Kashyap? First meeting and marriage 

Popular Indian badminton player is married. Unfortunately, this could be bad news for those who have a huge crush on the handsome superstar. 

Kashyap is married to mega-star and former number one women’s badminton player Sania Nehwal. 

Parupalli and Nehwal got  married on 14 December 2018  in a private ceremony. Moreover, they are one of the biggest sports couples in India. 

Their marriage took place in a grand manner. Similarly, the wedding guests included star-studded names like actor Chiranjeevi, coach Pullela Gopichand and Andhra Pradesh ESL Narasimhan. 

So how did the two meet? Kashyap and Nehwal are childhood friends.

Moreover, they first met each other in 1997 at Pullela Gopichand Academy. Also, they were teenagers when they met each other. 

Close friends are affectionate towards each other and enjoy spending time with each other. Also, both of them admired each other’s ability to play badminton. 

However, due to their childish nature, they hid their relationship from their friends. Kashyap and Nehwal started dating in 2002.

But both started getting busy with their professional careers. So it was only till 2009-10 that Kashyap seriously considered marrying Nehwal. 

Parupalli Kashyap | personal life 

Working as a coach

Apart from being a player himself, Kashyap has also helped out as a coach. Kashyap helped his wife improve her game as an assistant coach. 

Some of Kashyap’s favorites

So, what are some of Parupalli Kashyap’s favourites? Well, for starters, his favorite type is Italian. 

Similarly, Indian shuttler is a big fan of Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. Moreover, Kashyap loves to listen and play music. 

Most Wanted Men

Sania Nehwal is one lucky lady. She is the wife of the 8th most desirable man of 2014.

Yes, you heard that right! Hyderabad Times ranked Parupalli Kashyap as the 8th most desirable man of 2014.

Similarly, Kashyap believes that he got his good looks from his mother and father, both of whom are amazing. 

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